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Bachkarsky District Agriculture

In 2002 production of bread and bakery amounted to 0.3 thousand tons. Sown area covers around 35,795 hectares. Grain crops cover 16,243 hectares. Gross yield of grains in entities of all categories in 2002 made 17,016 tons, potatoes - 7,487 tons, vegetables - 2,698 tons. Productivity of grain crops made 10.5 hundredweight per hectare, potatoes - 91 hundredweight per hectare.

Livestock population in 2002 made 7,511 heads including 3,188 cows and 3,528 pigs. Livestock breeding production amounted to 1,618 tons, production of milk - 8,423 tons, production of eggs - 5,506 thousand eggs. Milk yield per cow in agricultural entities made 2,505 kg.

Economic Potential

In 2002 goods and services in industry amounted to 0.4 m rubles, physical volume index made 5.5 %. The number of large and medium entities - 3. Amount of removed wood - 10.8 thousand cubic meters. Production of timber - 1.7 thousand cubic meters.

Amount of work executed under building contracts made 9.2 m rubles. 1.5 thousand square meters of housing was put in commission. 65 % of dwelling houses were put in operation. The total space area of available housing at the end of 2002 was 262.8 thousand square meters. Living space per citizen made 16.8 square meters.

There are 3,116 vehicles in the district including 542 trucks. Cargo carried by motor transport amounted to 1,319 thousand tons. Length of automobile roads with hard surface - 186 km. The share of roads with hard surface in the total length of automobile roads is 48.2 %.

Communication services provided to the population amounted to 6.3 m rubles. The number of telephone sets (including coin telephones) in the telephone network of common use or the ones having an access to it is 3.5 thousand.

Retail trade turnover amounted to 99.5 m rubles, retail trade turnover per head - 6,257 rubles. Household services provided to the population amounted to 17.5 m rubles.

Enterprises and organizations made a profit of 18,939 thousand rubles, loss made 128,625 thousand rubles. Balanced result (profit minus loss) from the activity of enterprises and organizations made - 17,058 thousand rubles.

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